Chapter #4: Bingo! I made it!

" Action is the foundational key to all success" - Pablo Picasso

bingo! I made it! a health new approach - the fit world traveller
Travelling: A health new approach
weight tracking - the fit world traveller
weight tracking #2

Back to my busy travelling life, even though I was already experiencing for some time weight loss because of my new nomadic mixed healthier lifestyle, it was really during my trip to Hong kong, back in January 2013, when stepping on top of that scale made me realised that


" I was a much healthier person when I travel. Traveling was the perfect ally"

Basically, traveling can really boost your health. I never thought about it before but I clearly saw the point at that really moment.

It was the perfect combination of these three magic ingredients:

  • 1. eating better, mostly local foods
  • 2. sleeping better, no more stress
  • 3. the daily adventure. Enjoying either the good or the bad weather (including the signal 2 typhoons (see chapter "Enjoying signal 2 typhoons")), walking everywhere, making a daily routine for visiting as many places as possible, going out sightseeing and sometimes partying with the locals etc etc. I was getting more fit and healthier without even noticing it. I was not fat anymore. My Basal Metabolic Index (BMI) was within the Normal range category for the very first time since I was a teenager, oh yeah!

The three of these guys together were, with no doubts, " the three basic daily supplements for getting fit while traveling" and most important, going back to the point of this chapter, I realised that 

 " the long term project of traveling, losing weight and getting healthier (the 3 of them together at the same time) was actually possible "

Bingo! I made it!

But ..... there is a but always ... and that is, as a proud perfectionist, I was still not totally contented with my new much healthier weight (compared to my obese measurements before I started healthy-conscious travelling). I thought I could do better and, most important, I thought

" I would not allow the number one mistake most people usually make when they lose some weight, and that is ... RELAXING! "

I wanted to be healthier, reach my Ideal Weight and remain like that. The one body weight that will make me feel happy about it and the one I will keep hopefully forever and ever (chapter "Reaching the Ideal Weight").

planning the next trip - the fit world traveller
Planning the next trip

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